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Friday, September 2, 2011

Put the creative back into the process

"Brushes" digital image by Marlyn Rea Nasky
This past week I have continued my exploration of a mixed medium approach with acrylics and H2Oils.  In keeping with my 2011 artist's resolution to use all of the materials in my home  studio and at Austin Art Space Gallery and Studios . I began painting with H2Oils again since I had a number of tubes.  These were Van Gogh H2Oils, a now extinct product line.  Since I was missing a few colors from my split primary palette I experimented with a couple other types of H2Oil. My favorite is the Lukas Berlin line.
Earth Imprint II, new work in progress
My last post showed the results of work done with this medium over textured acrylic gesso with washes of Golden Fluids. The Golden Fluids seal the surface of the gesso to create a wonderful painting surface. I mix them with water and use them as a wash. 
At the end of a long painting session yesterday, I still had paint on my palette.  Usually, I would cover it and paint from the remnants later, but yesterday the I was abducted by my muse and proceeded to experiment by slapping the leftover pigment on small canvases with a large brush, and using a shaper tool, chopstick, get the draw into the paint surface.  What fun!  The pigments became more and more neutral as I worked.  
I began to see the ocean, the desert Southwest, and Texas Sunsets all in a few strokes.  Since I still have several of these 6 x 12" canvases here I will continue with this concept of play time at the end of the "work" session.  Happy painting to all!

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