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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Orange is the color of energy!

Yesterday I was home in the studio on a rainy Central Texas day, preparing my canvas for the next Aspen images to be featured in the upcoming show "Poet Tree" at studio2gallery in Austin, TX.

While I was in Colorado, my brother, musician and songwriter, 
Bob Rea, drove me up into the high country to gather aspen images and sketches.  I wanted to reconnect with my remembered feelings about Colorado, and recharge my visual memory with sensory perception.  As I lay in the Aspen grove looking up into the canopy ovehead, listening to the quiet rustle of Aspen trees in the cool, Colorado air, I rested my eyes and saw a bright orange "negative" image created by the light filtered though closed eyes. As I drove from Durango, CO, back to Albuquerque NM, this image kept reappearing, and I began to think about how I would paint this fleeting memory. The process of keeping a feeling alive until it can be put on canvas is an artist's challenge.
After recalling the image, thinking about it, looking at the Aspen pics/ sketches several times a day and playing with various hues during the week, I decided on three 24 x 24 x 2.5" canvases which I have painted a slightly muted orange.  To me, this part of the process is pure fun, and I often paint other canvases with any gesso left on my brush at the end of the process. Now to move forward into the cool hues and recapture a moment in time.  Happy Painting to all!


  1. Love hearing about your process!!! Inspiring. And encouraging to hear about another artist who constantly thinks and ponders and observes while moving in a targeted direction, but lets inspiration for detail quietly reveal itself. Love the orange gesso too!

  2. You are so wonderfully talented...not only in the visual art you create, which you know I absolutely love, but you have a beatuiful way with words as you describe the inner artist. It is a joy to share in your journey. Namaste, Gina

  3. Marilyn....this artist blogging is so cool. I LOVE following the process. I am amazed at the transformation in each next step.