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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative work takes on a life of it's own!

"Moon Mistress" under painting on Ampersand board with gesso
Sketch on board applied with white charcoal
Today I continued work on my new series of mixed medium pieces centered on tree images, the moon, and  earth elements.  These are not meant to be photo realistic, but rather to express a feeling.  They are representational, however.  I only work from my own photos and sketches when I compose a painting. the trees I paint all live on our little patch of earth here in Central TX.  I will often spend 3-4 hours in photo shop after I have sketched my subject.  I like the undo button.
  "Moon Mistress" is a painting that took on the look of a feminine form with a moon for a head... a sort of "Ent" like image. ( Remember "Lord of the Rings"?)  I didn't see that one coming!  I feel as though she might just step of the canvas and walk into the woods.
After I had applied a layer of black gesso infused with Chroma ultra blue to assure flexiblity, I saw the resemblance to a woman dressed in a ball gown. Now I have concept for more defined figurative work. One thing leads to another in all creative work and that is why I keep painting. BTW-I am loving working on the Ampersand panel which I layered with textures gesso.  It is amazingly absorbent as well as forgiving. My next step is to apply a layer of Chroma Interactives which will totally change the image.  It will be fun to see how this image unfolds...meanwhile I am out the door for a walk among the Ents.
Happy painting and may all your Ents be the friendly kind!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the moon and trees. I've just made some very similar pieces of the moon and its reflection, just in black and white - much simpler and not so wonderful - so your pictures struck a chord with me!

    Happy walking with the Ents