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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, resolutions kept , and time to paint

One of my 2012 resolutions is to use my time to paint.  Even if it is only 2 hours at the start of the day, or 3 hours after everyone else in the house is out, or asleep. It's as though I have to trick myself into the studio by sneaking off from the self imposed duty of "chief cook and bottle washer". In keeping with this promise to myself, I got up at 7AM today, and started implementing the use of my time in the studio.  The kitchen needed my attention, and the house was calling to be straightened for the company later today...there was cooking to do. But, I went into the studio with my freshly brewed coffee, and stayed here until I had accomplished my goal of adding a layer of black gesso to my 4 new Agave pieces.   I have discovered a unique painting surface which I loveAmpersand board which I gesso myself in 8-10 textured layers.  My secret ingredient for today's session is Golden Flow Release.  I applied my gesso wet into wet in juicy washes which got increasingly loose as I realized that I had been painting for 4 hours!   
Pictured are detail shots that show off  one of my favorite design elements: texture!  More later!  Meanwhile, Happy New Year, Happy painting, and here's to letting the dishes rot in the sink.

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