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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take the Plunge!

We are in our 25th day of 100+ heat and it is drier than (I'll let you fill in the metaphor).  Great studio weather!

  Nothing better than cranking up the classical and painting with abandon.  The inspiration for this 36 x 48 x 2.5 original acrylic came from the flame red of the drought stricken Red Oaks that reside on our little patch of  Central TX Hill Country.  The winter was cold by TX standards, so the colors really popped.  I had done a first version which I brought home from  2 shows and stuck on the wall.  After looking at the image for a while, the muse gave me a shove and I decided to add another layer which restructured the "sky holes".  Goddess bless gesso, and acrylic paint, particularly, Chroma Interactives.  Before I knew it, I had completed my first officially impasto work.  Being a watercolorist with an impulsive nature, I had before painted in layers, building up value as I went.  I soon discovered that this medium was totally forgiving and I found myself in a watercolorist's paradise, having the best of both worlds.
  The painting is on its way to an Austin Art Space Gallery Show at ABIA in Austin TX, where it will dwell in a glass display case from July 18- Oct. 4, 2011.  Fun to think about travelers passing  by and not being able to resist taking a peek, or perhaps standing in front of the case gazing at the image for a few seconds, and best of all collecting and taking it home! 

Red Oak Winter ©  Marilyn Rea Nasky 36 x 48 x 2.5"  available for collection
It began with "A Thing as Lovely as a Tree" a poem from childhood  which in this drought comes wafting back to conjure images of shade, sustenence, and comfort. 
Mother Earth and Father Sky.
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