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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My 3 yellows and the Magic Forest

Detail of "Magic Forest"
The drought continues, and our little patch of Texas Hill country is parched. It is way to hot to be outside so I have been in the studio working with the application of H2Oils over acrylic under paintings in keeping with a resolution to use ALL of the materials in my studio.  I haven't worked with H2Oils for several months, since I have been painting with Chroma Interactive Acrylics and love this product, but I seem to be too much of an explorer to stick with the same process without a little break now and then.  I have discovered that the two products are quite compatible and that the glaze of H2Oils, if applied with the right alkyd resin, is a great combo.  It is the best of both worlds and offers and opportunity to put the "icing on the cake". 
I began this experiment with yellow pigments, comparing different brands of the product, then moved onto a collage that I had going, entitled "Magic Forest".  This acrylic collage is based purely in imagination, and as I realized this morning, is an interpretation of the forest that surrounds our home, filled with songbirds, deer and various other critters.  The next time you see it, it may have
birds in the branches or dragonflies hovering at the top.  Isn't artistic
a wonderful thing?  Happy creating to all!

20 x 16 x .75 with gold metal frame
"Magic Forest" will be offered for viewing and collection in an upcoming show, 
"It's Hot and It's Art" at North Hills Gallery, 7050 Village Center Drive, Austin TX 78731, Aug. 3-28, 2011, Reception Aug. 7, 12:30-1:30PM

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