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Monday, July 12, 2010

Painting "Poet Tree"

Ever since I took a course of study with incredible artist and instructor, Robert Burridge, I have painted in a series. Instead of doing one, I paint 3-6.  I love the process of applying grounds and gesso to each canvas.  I use the biggest, scrubbiest brush I can dig out and paint with huge, messy strokes!  The image is drawn on a compose it grid, an invention of artist friend, Cindy Debold, and then transferred to the canvas.  Good drawing practice...I can feel my left brain letting go as I draw with contour line. Remember, try not to come off the line on the substrate surface.  Keep it loose and don't correct anything.  FUN!  Pictured are my 3 ongoing images for "Poet Tree" at studio2gallery, where I am the featured artist in August.  I may be hot and humid here in Austin, TX, but my mind resides in the cool Aspen fluttery air of Colorado. Pictured are images from my ongoing Aspen Series.  These are 24 x 24 x 2.5" acrylic on canvas.  I'm using Chroma Interactives for the finish out...see my teacher's page for other works done with this fantastic product!

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