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Friday, June 25, 2010

Search for "Poet Tree"

Yesterday I left Colorado and made the 4 hour road trip back to Albuquerque, NM, to visit friends on my way back to Austin.  US HWY 550 South opens into the vast wilderness of distant mesas and wide open spaces that can only be found in the Southwest of the USA.  Just set the cruise and roll!
Even though I am home now, my mind is still in Colorado. I went to my home town of Durango, CO to visit family and to get a fresh feel for the Aspen trees that are so much a part of my childhood memories.
I am the featured artist at "Poet Tree" studio2gallery  in Austin, TX this August. Since I paint only from my own references and sketches, seen and felt firsthand, I had the perfect excuse for a trip to the mountains!

 My brother and musician, Bob Rea, was kind enough to drive me up into the high country in search of Aspen images for a second time the day before I left.  He sat patiently in his truck while I wandered the Aspen groves, laying down, and shooting straight up so as to get a fish eye view of the trees overhead.  Listening to the gentle flutter of the leaves overhead, and taking in as much of the high country air as possible, I felt renewed.  I'm posting two digital images which capture my excitement about the journey to Colorado.  Aspen sketches next!

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