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Monday, March 22, 2010

The soothing process of unlocking layers of pigment for gorgeous blends

    I was out most of the day, so when I got back to the studio I needed something easy, simple, and soothing.  That's why Chroma invented "unlocking formula".  This medium is perfect for my watercolorist at heart, and I love it when I get to this part of the process.  My only choice with traditional acrylics would be to paint over, but since I am a gal who changes her mind (it's the moon sign thing) I like to keep my options open.  Next step is to add orange and then work my way up to yellow + tints. I hope these sky scapes say "relax" to you as I found them relaxing to paint. 
Check out my Chroma Teaching Artist's Page for more information on my work Chroma Interactives and mediums.  I'll post the finished paintings soon!

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  1. Hey, I just saw you singed up on my blog. how wonderful is that--an artist1 Maybe you can join out Creative Teusday sometime? I'd love that.