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Monday, January 9, 2012

True confessions: Keeping a "side kick" painting

(A sidekick is a close companion who is generally regarded as subordinate to the one he (it) accompanies-definition from wikipedia)
side kick in progress
As is my habit, I keep what I call a "sidekick" painting(s) going while I work. This gives me something totally unplanned and spontaneous to work with at the end of a session.  In this case I was practicing glazing with oils, using what was left on the palette at the end of my session with four new Agave Series pieces to be shown at Hill Design + Gallery
I had three low horizon landscapes that I wanted to pull together so using the abstract pattern of an Agave over the pieces I glazed in what feels like currents and looks somewhat like wings, waves, light currents...and captures the three places that I have lived and loved from a sort of celestial view.  
Happy Painting to all!

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