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Friday, August 13, 2010


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This acrylic collage diptych entitled "Equinox" consists of 2, 16 x 20" canvases which are adhered to acid free foam core and will be framed separately for the upcoming residents' show at Austin Art Space Gallery, Sept.16-26, 2010. 
I have placed these images in my Sacred Earth Series because they combine elemental motifs from earth, ocean, and sky in a somewhat tumultuous horizontal composition.  

The blue lines at the center seem to suggest ocean waves giving the eye a resting place in the intense color and visual movement. Since I had no preconceived idea about either painting, I'm happy with the finished product. When I look at them I see bright sunsets, mountains, mesas, ocean waves, clouds, falling stars...
What do you see? 


"Your growth as an artist is a growth toward fully realizable works-works that become real in full illumination of all that you know.  Including all that you know about yourself"-Art and Fear, Bayles and Orland

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