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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Three Prickly Pears

These 3, 30 x 30" paintings have been part of life for 6 weeks and I am now at 95% finished.  I started them with great enthusiasm and energy, then got the flu, had our son home for Spring Break...I went at them in shifts, experimenting with Chroma Interactive pigments and mediums. I have noticed that my work is influenced by the weather and often what is going on in Colorado where I grew up.  Even though I am here in Central TX, I still feel the seasons in the high country. I also sometimes project memories from my years in Hawaii, and I see that influence in "Riots of Spring" looks like a cross between a snow storm and an ocean.  "Prickly Profusion" came to fruition when the sun was out here and the cold Colorado wind was blowing in a new season. "Spring Greens" has the feel of the rain which is coming to us today, pushed by a cold front from the mountains in the SW.  The paintings are finished well in front of the due date so I am going to set them aside for a couple of days to allow the pigments to cure, then finish out with Chroma unlocking fluid. 

These paintings will be on view at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin TX starting April 26, 2010


  1. Thanks Lori! the positive feedback is much appreciated! I enjoy viewing your work also...I like the feelings your tea cups convey.

  2. Love the prickly pears. Great color and light.

  3. Marilyn,
    the painting is beautiful...
    i like the lighting effects you have given...